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About us

Quantum AI Australia, crafted by our adept traders and AI experts, stands as the apex in trading platforms, delivering unparalleled accuracy and speed.

At our core, we are a team of dedicated individuals rooted in Australia, sharing a common vision for the future of trading.

The Quantum AI team is committed to transforming the trading landscape through the potent force of artificial intelligence. We firmly believe that by merging the wisdom of seasoned traders with cutting-edge technology, we can craft a trading platform that sets new standards in accuracy, speed, and profitability.

Our team comprises passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds, each contributing a unique perspective. We tirelessly strive to stay at the forefront, seamlessly integrating the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and finance into our platform. Our conviction lies in the synergy of human expertise and machine intelligence, promising a truly revolutionary trading experience.

August 2021

Company Inception

Quantum AI Australia was founded with the vision of transforming the trading industry using the prowess of artificial intelligence.

December 2021

Secured $5m in Investment

The company successfully secured $5 million in funding, enabling further advancements in the platform’s development and team expansion.

February 2022

Beta Version Unleashed

Quantum AI unveiled the beta version, allowing users to explore the platform, provide valuable feedback, and contribute to ongoing development.

December 2022

Global Product Launch

Quantum AI achieved a monumental milestone by globally launching its cutting-edge trading technology. This event signifies a crucial step in the company’s journey to reshape the industry and bring advanced trading solutions to users worldwide.

Boost your trading to extraordinary heights

Dive into the forefront of asset trading with Quantum AI Australia, the groundbreaking fusion of artificial intelligence and big data, unleashing unmatched trading capabilities. Empowering traders to dominate the markets with precision and finesse.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.